Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Circling Geese

The City Quilter University class that I am taking
on triangles is a once a month class for four months.
Our third class is next week and our assignment is a flying geese pattern.
I love paper piecing because the points come out so perfectly,
so this is a project I was ready to jump into.
I saw this pattern for geese flying in a circle over at The Sometimes Crafter
and just knew I had to try it.
There is a very good tutorial from Christina's site here.
So I started with the traditional look,
all the triangles contrasting against a constant background.

I liked it, but it wasn't really singing to me. The more I looked at it, the more I could see the seams in the piecing and how that could make a pattern too.
So I tried changing the center pieces to a contrasting fabric.

I liked that windmill look in the center and added some borders, some more flying geese strips and I had a nice little block. It is about 22" square.
I'm really not sure how I wanted to proceed with this block.

I kept looking at all those seams and thought, what if I change it up again?

So a grabbed some batiks that I had laying around just to try the color contrast. I LOVE the way this came out. The background is all yellow, the geese are the light green and the star point in the middle is a dark green.

These two blocks were made from the exact same paper piecing pattern.

Isn't amazing what a little bit of color play can do for a block?!

Can't wait to show these off to the class.


  1. love your play Lisa! these all look great.. color is funny thing! it changed the blocks so drastically! i love it!

  2. oooh, this is what I wanted to make for our monochrome cheddar block. the paper piecing templates are already printed and waiting for me upstairs.. i hope i can get to it soon~

  3. thanks for stopping by my little blog and for the nice comment. I love your quilts! These blocks are awesome! Now you need to make one where the center star is light and the geese are dark. GO! :)