Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Projects #4

After a fun filled Thanksgiving weekend the dust has settled
and I was able to get back into my sewing room today.
I have made slow progress on my Hard Candy quilt.

I have the diamond blocks laid out on my guest room bed.

I really like how it is coming along, but . . . .

There are not enough blocks by a long shot.
Thought I had cut enough triangles, but since I never really plan . . .

I am back to cutting more fabric. Story of my life!

On another note . . .

The kid wanted to try the turkey bikini on Thanksgiving.
You know the one from internet lore . . .

It garnerd lots of giggles in the kitchen, but it didn't really work too well.

So nobody really noticed. But the effort was great and the giggles appreciated.

Here is the Thanksgiving group just before we sat down and feasted!
Thank you gang for a wonderful weekend full of laughter and cheer!


  1. hard candy is looking good! turkey bikini! LOL! haven't seen that.. hilarious! see ya saturday?

  2. Hi Lisa! Lovely to visit your blog too - didn't realise the name 'Bronwen' was so popular in your neck of the woods! Love love your Hard Candy quilt - stick at it! I would love to see it finished. Have a very merry Christmas from us in Australia!!

    hehe my 'security' word is Bronaph!!