Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Projects #3

We interupt your sewing pleasure
for a plumbing disaster . . . .
Not a lot of sewing around here lately.
Two weeks ago I walked into my first floor bathroom and stepped in a huge pudde.
Like two inch puddle. YIKES!
Luckily my builder came right over a figured out where the leak was coming from.

Looks like an innocent enough bathroom right???
The toilet has been secretly leaking into the floor for a very long time.

See all the rot? I'm surprised we hadn't fallen through to the crawl space.

So last Monday, my plumber and my tile man went to work.
They replaced the floor and since I really didn't like the tile around the tub,
they replaced that too.

New toilet and tile, same sink, tub and shower door.

I am so lucky to have my Joey and Billy to take care of these messy things for me!

So I spent the weekend painting instead of sewing.

Just one more coat on the trim tomorrow night.

I do have 14 people arriving for Thanksgiving, and an extra potty is key!

I did manage to cut out some more triangles for my Hard Candy Quilt.
But that's all I got to do . . .

What did you do this Sunday???


  1. nice new bathroom~ love your wall color.
    this sunday i braved the crowds and went to the MALL. i know, nuts, right? but the kid and i have nothing to wear for thanksgiving and the party we've been invited to is not really blue-jean-friendly (there won't be any football either), so off i went. $40 later I have a shirt for my toddler and nothing else, but at least there's that. I've decided to rework a skirt from my closet so now I'm just on the hunt for nice brown tall boots. any suggestions of where to shop? (oh, and how i wish i were shopping for fabric instead! i hate looking at price tags and thinking, "I could get 5 yards for that price!")

  2. You did a great job on the painting! I can't believe it took up your entire weekend! Too bad you weren't able to get out and enjoy the day on Saturday. I heard there was a dance at a new club on the Post Road...

  3. very funny anonymous . . . how are your thighs?