Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gidget's Quilt

I have known my friend Gidget (not her real name, hehehe), for 6 or 7 years.
We met at work and became fast friends.
I gave Gidget her nickname because she is small, bubbly, very funny and a little wacky.
I made this quilt for her birthday in June. She got the quilt in August.
Oh those deadlines kill me.

I just love a nine patch quilt.
I had this quilt in mind for a while.
Most of the fabric was in my stash, just needed the borders.

I definitely needed to have some bubble gum pink in here for Gidget.
She loves pink. Gidget is as cute as a button.

I pieced the back with a few left over blocks. I love the stripe.

That is Gidget standing on my stonewall holding up her quilt (she is so tiny she couldn't hold the quilt without it hitting the ground). Gidget didn't want to be in the picture.
I guess she thinks she needs to be incognito for some reason.
Maybe she is in the witness protection program . . . .
You never know with Gidget.


  1. This Gidget chick sounds like a lot of fun! You are very lucky - but I think SHE'S the lucky one!

  2. Gidget is a lot of fun I am her Mom from Maine.