Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Projects

Four or five years ago the kid gave me a quilting book called
Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters by Barbara Chainey.
Every now and then I look through that book. It seems very traditional to me though, so I usually close it and put it on the shelf.
Last night while I was flipping through it, I found this square below
and it really caught my attention.

This block seemed to merge the two blocks I talked about in my evolution of my circle quilt post.

If you look at these blocks together you can see how they are a combination.
Since the evolution of my circle quilt was based on the idea of turning the past into a new start, and I now see a square that can mesh the past and the future, I think I need to make a quilt for the kid based on this new block. I think she'll like that.
I'll let her pick the colors.

My second project today was trying out Victoria's blocks. You can see many examples of them at 15 minutes of play. This kind of patching is WAY out of my comfort zone and that's why I decided I needed to try it.
I'm here to learn, right?
It's all about letting go and being spontaneous, grabbing, sewing, slashing.
It was much harder than I thought it would be. I think this took me about 45 minutes.
Maybe if I had a glass of wine first . . . . hehehe

So here it is, 8" x 9".
I also realized that the bag of scraps I had ready to toss, can now be liberated, because the scraps are probably just the right size for this kind of patching.

on another note . . .

I was taking a nice long walk today when I came upon this chair sitting on the side of the road free for the taking. I am having 14 for Thanksgiving and thought, hum, I could use that chair.
I hiked it up over my head and kept walking. You can imagine the looks I was getting.
Luckily I was only about a mile from my house.
Even luckier, two of my frineds drove by in their SUV. They stopped and after laughing at me and teasing me a bit, they drove me home with the chair in the back.
Thank goodness, I was losing steam!
What did you work on today??

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  1. SCORE! you scored a great chair! hehe! love your scrappy blocks, I like that you incorporated a lot of angles... my favorite kind!