Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Projects #2

Wonky Stars

I decided I needed to try these wonky stars I have been seeing all over the place.
I hardly ever use a pattern, I just jump in and cut.
I did use my seam ripper a bit on these. You must use math if you are a quilter and well . . .
Sometimes I am alitte too free and easy in the winging it department.

So I laid out the squares and rectangles.

I sewed on the wonky points. This is were the seam ripper came in.

You have to MEASURE to make sure your point will cover the corner completely.
I know I should know this but . . . jumping in there again, free and easy.

I made a couple of these and I like how they came out.
Very different for me. I like things even.

And I of course had to try one of Victoria's star blocks.
She has so much patience. I can't believe she made a whole quilt of these.

What did you do this Sunday??


  1. Thanks for sharing your thought process.

  2. i cleaned the house. not especially exciting, but i'm happy it's done. i also pieced a bunch of diamonds while George had some male bonding time with his dad and god-father today (grilling, watching sports).
    I like your wonky stars. they're fun, right? when i started making some I remember learning that i needed to choose star points that would contrast well with the background and play nice with each other. then this week I made a monochrom red star. who needs contrast, hehe.
    glad to see you're playing..

  3. WEEEE! Fun stuff! Keep playing!! post your play star over at 15 minutes please! ;-)