Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I love Christmas ornaments. They are small and cute.
I began collecting them 30 years ago when we owned a retail store
and I would decorate 20 trees each year.
But about 15 years ago I started making these wonderful little guys.
I bought a pattern, I don't even know where it is anymore, sorry.
These are all tiny little animals some with shorts and other yummy things.

The cow was one of the first ones I made.
He is really tiny. Over the years I have had to
enlarge them a bit.
The hands just can't do that teenie tiny stuffing anymore.

Here is a shot of the group.
I just love looking at them all lying there together.

I named them all. This one is Too Tall McCall.
I cut hair pins for his little antlers. Are they antlers?? Or ears??

This is Chocolate Mousse.

Every year I make a few for gifts.
This year the geese are up again. And maybe a few cows. Love the cows.
Do you make anything special for the holidays?


  1. Just cocktails!

  2. we make a yearly ornament for our tree.. as you saw! ;-) i lOVE the geese!!!