Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I started to clean up my sewing room yesterday.

That is always a tricky thing because I get distracted

a hundred times and start working on old projects instead.

Who wants to pick thread out of the carpet anyway??

I found this unfinished project from about 6 or 7 years ago.

I put it aside when I lost steam and or love of it.

Sometimes you just need to put things aside . . .

Usually it doesn't take me 7 years to come back to it!

I kind of remember what it was supposed to be back then,

but of course, it will change now.

I finished up the blocks, diagonal string blocks.

And I put a border on it.

It is all dots and stripes fabric.

The colors are all over the map, but they seem to work together.

I had a lot of cut fabric strips left because I was sick of making the blocks,

so I decided to make some piano key borders.

I also wanted to make some corner stones to try to pull it together.

I hate these.

They are the same colors from the other fabric, but they just don't work.

I tried these corner stones instead,

and I like them much better.

Now I hate the magenta border. I'll be ripping that out tonight.

It still needs a lot of design work, and I'll be playing with this for the next few nights.

I'll let you know what happens next!


  1. cool! i liked the magenta border, but i'm sure whatever else you come up with will look better. congrats on those piano keys.. i would have totally lost steam half way through one side. what size are your string blocks?

  2. great job - love the colours and I look forward to seeing your alternative to the magenta

  3. Weird... the same thing happened to me. I found a quilt top I hadn't finished from about 6 years ago... working on it now!