Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Projects #8

The Little Ones arrived this week with their parents
to spend Christmas at my house.
My niece and nephew, the cutest, most polite children on the planet,
and yes I am biased!
We ventured into the city on Christmas Eve to do alittle sight seeing.

I took them to Rockefeller Center to see the tree . . .
The kid and I had so much fun showing them around.
Unfortunately my camera battery conked out, so I missed some great photos.
Everyone was supposed to stay until Monday,
but with the first blizzard of the winter upon us, the crowd woke up
and announced they were leaving ASAP!
Run to pack all the cars and get out the door before the first flake falls.
Hahaha . . .

Empty house, snowed in . .
You know what that means!
I got to sew!!

I decided to work on the challenge block for NYC Metro Mod Quilters
I chose a New York Beauty block.

I It came together pretty fast, so I decided to try another
I like them both!
What did you work on today?
Are you snowed in?
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


  1. Both blocks look fabulous!! I need to get mine made... one more thing to do this week... stay warm!

  2. I shoveled, only to have it blown over just 2 hours later. I also tried out the monogram feature on the new machine. I was so giddy I kept calling C in to watch me. I need lots of practice, but I'm having fun. your NY beauty block is really nice. great job~

  3. Hi Lisa, I saw your curved block on 15 Minutes and loved it - at first I thought the creases were seams - but are they creases in order to match the curves? Regardless - BOTH blocks are beautiful, it makes me want to try some with my 15 minutes! Happy New Year, new friend!

  4. Love those blocks!! I'm totally snowed in, so I should get going on mine :)