Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wreath Construction

I love making as many of the things for Christmas as possible.
I love a wreath with lots of different greens, but they are so expensive.
I bought a plain wreath at the grocery store.
Then I took my clippers and basket and headed for the woods . . .
and the beach.
Our beach has lots of different evergreens growing around it.
Over the years I have figured out where to hoist holly, clip balsam with the pine cones still attached, and just recently I hit the mother load with juniper.

So I started with my Charlie Brown wreath.
Poor thing, I didn't realize how lopsided it was, but as with everything else
it just gives it more character and that homemade feel.

I laid out all my "stash" from my covert clipping.

The leftovers will go into a flower arrangement later today.

So after much wiring and clipping and a few cuts and scrapes,
I have a great wreath for the front door!
What are you making today?


  1. Love it. I'm going to post mine Sunday.

  2. oh I love your wreath - it reminds me of when I lived in Connecticut - you can't have real wreaths here in Sydney coz they would dry out in a minute! Enjoy your Christmas in Connecticut