Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Projects #6

Wasn't feeling the sewing love today . . .

Thought I lost my mojo.

So I took out a charm pack and decided to just do some very simple

sewing . . . putting 5" blocks together to make a baby quilt.

For what baby I don't know yet.

It's cute. Need to piece a back now.
Then the QADD kicked in. You Know Quilter's ADD.
I started bouncing all over the sewing room.
"What should I do next?"
"I'm not feeling the love for any of it right now."

"OMG, there's some fabric I didn't know I had."

You know, like a squirrel on crack.

And then I spied this pile of men's shirts I bought at the thrift shop.

Wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but the fabrics were nice
and the colors were bright.

I remembered a cute little item I saw in a store in the Boston
area last year. I didn't buy it because, well, you know . . .
"I could make that myself!"

I didn't take a picture of it either because shop owners don't like
crafty people photographing the wares.
They want you to buy them!

After an hour or two of cutting and sewing
I had a nice little apron.
The collar from the shirt is now the waistband.
The pocket is left on the front, although it is hard to get your hand in it.

It needs alittle tweaking. And I need to MEASURE next time.
You know me just cutting it up and winging it!

On another note . . . . .
While I was cutting that shirt up, I looked out my sewing room window
and saw this big fat squirrel (not on crack) sitting right in front of me chomping on a nut.

Can you see him on the branch?
He looked very pleased with himself!

Did you make anything fun today?


  1. if you call a 27+ page course project on second language acquisition fun, then yes. i made something fun today.
    i am dying to sew!!!! two more days til i'm free of schoolwork!!
    love the apron, too cute~

  2. I bound a lap quilt, sofa runner and wallhanging today. Great sense of accomplishment! The wallhanging is just a panel with brightly colored dinosaurs on it. IT will be for my son's room and I just love those cheery dinosaurs.

  3. I just love you! You inspire me! We should open a store together!!

  4. I love this post! You are just too funny. Every time I see a squirrel, I'll be wondering if he's on crack. (still giggling). That apron is way cool. I'm thinking next year's Christmas gifts. Thanks for the words & inspirations. You made my day!

  5. Belated response! My Sunday was awesome, I hand-sewed the binding on a large quilt (graduation gift for my niece, only 6 months late, not bad for a quilter!), and finished a Christmas stocking (daughter's boyfriend), and worked on a table runner (brother and SIL). I love making gifts, too, even when tired at the end of the day - reading great blogs like yours inspire me, and have gotten me back into quilting in a big way, after quite a long absence. Thank you!

  6. That apron is MY KIND of project! Love it.

  7. I need to rush out to the Thrift Store RIGHT NOW. I love that apron. Just found you on the process pledge page. Must add you to my blogroll!

  8. Good morning Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing. Isn't it fun making new friends this way!