Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spider Webs!

In honor of Halloween, I am going to show you my spider web top.
I haven't quilted it yet, but the top did come out quite nicely.
I used mostly scraps and was so happy to see my scrap basket get a little smaller.
(well, I can tell, you probably couldn't)

I saw this quilt over at crazy mom quilts and was so inspired to make one. You can pop over to Amandajean's blog and see the inspiration here.
There is also a great tutorial there.

This quilt was very addicting to make. I just loved the scrappiness. My daughter couldn't believe how much time I was spending in the attic.
She even said at one point, "Heading back up to the sweat shop?"
The kid cracks me up.

There was a brief period of time during the piecing of this quilt,when my machine was in the shop. It had a few things wrong with it, foot pedal, stitch positioning, general over use . . . .

I took it here and they had it humming in three days!!!
My new favorite place for machine repair.
Need to keep that sweat shop going you know.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2010

Welcome to my blog! I am brand new to this blogging business, so forgive me if I do a few newbie things.
I am having fun figuring this all out though I must say.
A big thanks to Amy for hosting this festival. I'm sure it is a lot of work, but I know everyone is so grateful. What a wonderful way to meet quilters.
This is a quilt I made six years ago. I really wanted to learn how to do curved piecing after I saw a project here.
The project shown was called "Around the Bend."
So I sent away for the templates from here.
It took a few trys to get the hang of it, but I really liked the look so I kept going.

I used batiks that I had, added a few more and found myself with a very happy quilt!

This is a close up. Sorry for the crease in the middle, this quilt lives on the end of the guest room bed folded up. I also was very new at free motion quilting at the time, but I think I did pretty well with that.

This was also the first time I pieced a back. I had alot of batik fabric left over and didn't want to spend more money on one big piece. So this is how the back was born. Now, of course, piecing the back is the way to go, so I am pleased I stumbled upon it back then.

Here is the sexy money shot. Haha.

Thanks so much to Amy for hosting. And thank you to all the bloggers out there that have inspired me over the last 18 months.
I finally got the courage to jump in and try this blogging thing.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NYC Metro Mod Quilt Challenge

I joined the NYC Metro Mod Quilters and attended their first meeting this month.
We had a strip challenge to bring to the meeting. You can see it here.
Our challenge for December's Meeting is a 12 1/5" monochromatic block made in an
orangey-yellow color range.
I named mine Betta Chedda.
I cut 144 squares in a wide range of yellows and oranges, then I set about piecing them together. I did play with this for a while trying to get the right gradation.

This is the final square. I really like the way it turned out. I did have to put a little border on it because it was short 1/2". I guess I should check my seam allowances right?

Hate it when that happens!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you remember these?

I stumbled upon this old phone last night while helping to decorate for a Halloween Party.

This was sitting on the bar at a men's club. It still works and they use it! Notice the key lock in the number one hole. This is so no one can make an unauthorized call.
This phone is attached to the wall by a cord. You can't walk all over the place while you are talking on it. You have to dial the number by sticking your finger in the correct hole and dragging it up and around to the silver stop. No buttons to push.
This is the kind of thing I'll have to explain to my grand kids one day. Just like the IBM Selectric at my office that mesmerizes the little ones when they notice. I have to tell them there is no backspace, you use correction tape. They look at me like I have six heads. It's awesome.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Auntie Mo's Quilt

Auntie Mo is getting a new quilt for her birthday. I seem to deliver these birthday quilts about 4 weeks after the actual birthday. I must have deadline issues . . . anyone???
I have once again dived into my Kaffe collection. I decided on this layout based on a few different Kaffe quilts. This theme seems to surface alot in his quilts. I was going to go with the 16 patch squares for every block, but it seemed way to busy, so I went with a 4 patch to alternate and just loved the look.
I pieced the back with more Kaffe. Love the look.

I did the binding in Kaffe and I'm sorry I don't remember what this print is called, but I LOVE IT! The stripes are so fabulous against all the florals. LOVE IT.

Needed a picture of this quilt facing forward. No one here to hold it, so I threw it on my lawn chairs. I love this quilt and this fabric and I know that Auntie Mo is going to love it too.

I made this quilt for My Nancy, and Auntie Mo's is a direct copy. I love My Nancy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Evolution of My Circle Quilt

I made a quilt 8 years ago using this star block. The fabric was deep jeweled country themed colors. That quilt kept everyone cozy on my couch for years. Sadly that quilt doesn't live on my couch anymore . . . it left with the person I made it for. So, I decided that to help heal my heart I needed to make a new quilt to keep us cozy.

I decided to make a block based on the same star quilt components, but to turn it inside out and make it fresh and modern, just like the fresh and new start I needed to make.

You can see these two blocks together have the same number of squares and the same number of half square triangle squares. The light and dark contrast changed and so it did for me too.

So here is the new quilt top. I loved blue, green and white, but also wanted to spark it up with a pink and yellow block, you always need an element of surprise!

I am still thinking about the quilting on this one. I have a few ideas. The back will be pieced with a cute sheet and those two blocks above.
Mostly I just love that I turned that pain inside out and now have a new quilt for my cozy couch and that I am moving forward.

On another note . . . I dragged out my log holder today.
Another change of season that I am welcoming with an open heart.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Look what popped up on Renshaw Road today. It must be someone's 40th birthday!
There were more strolling up the walk to the house, but I didn't want to look like a stalker.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Zig Zag Zig Zag

My first post! Yeah I'm a geek.
This quilt was made from my very over abundant collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I just love his color sense and the way these fabrics play together.
This quilt was started for a class I am taking at the City Quilter, the Triangle University Class. I liked the contrast and I used my two favorite colors.
The blocks were constructed by cutting squares in half and then mixing everything up and sewing the triangles back into squares. I usually don't use a pattern. I jump in and start cutting and somehow it all comes together.
Now I need to piece the back and get it quilted!