Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I spent parts of the last couple of days organizing my fabric.
It looks so pretty I don't want to touch it!
Haha.  But I will.

Now here is my sewing table, this needs alot of work,
The messier the table the more creativity comes out I think!
I may just wade through it to sew today.
I am behind on my 15 mins play color challenge blocks.
Purple and Bubble Gum Pink up next,
but NOT together I think! 

I also sent off four blocks to Jan-Maree's

These were very fun and quick!
I can see another scrappy string quilt in my future.
Should I really start another quilt?
Hahaha!  What a question!
Sew on.


  1. Good job organizing! I just love your fabric collection, so happy and sunny - and those lovely threads look yummy too! Now you can reward yourself - sewing of course, and buying more fabric? haha, happy quilting~

  2. I always love your blocks - such clean bright colours - cant wait to add to add them to the mix - love the look of all those lovely organised fabrics. Just waiting for you to dive in to it. Have fun

  3. The fun part of organizing is getting inspired again by fabric you forgot you had! Plus it feels so good to look at those neat stacks.