Saturday, June 23, 2012

Three Days at the Cape

My dear friend Anne invited me to the Cape for a few days.
To relax, rest and replenish.
I must say they were the best days I've had in a while.

We sat in her garden.

We walked on the beach every day.
Collecting treasures from the sea.

We walked in the evening . . .

This is the path from her house to the beach.

These seagulls were not happy we were walking by the
rather large fish they were eating.

Don't you just love this green?
It was soft and rubbery too.  Pretty cool.

 This photo is for my BIL Jamie.
He teases my sister and I about what we collect on the beach.
This is a very light load for me after four beautiful walks on the beach.
The shells with the purple are wampum.
Anne says they are very good luck.  The darker the purple the better.
So I have wampum, sea glass, some rocks,
shells and two tiny horseshoe crabs.

Here we are at Captain Kidd's in Woods Hole
having fish and chips.

There is always sewing wherever I go.
I brought my hexies to work on.
Sitting under an umbrella of course!

We has so much fun watching all the wild life in the backyard.
This bird bath was very active all day long.
We were visited by many bunnies and chipmunks too.
It was delightful to sit quietly and see how close they would
venture up to us.

My hexies needed a spin on the clothes line after the
water feature shot.  Haha.

Drying out on the wall further.
This is just a small piece.  I have to drag out the larger piece
and see how I will put them together.

Of course it wouldn't be a beach post 
without the sunset picture!

A wonderful few days to be sure!
What to you do to recharge your batteries?


  1. it sounds like a wonderful few days away. Lots of lovely pictures too. I love the beach but sitting in the garden enjoying the wildlife sounds wonderful. I used to love watching the birds on the feeders in my backyard as well as the uber cute squirrels and chipmunks!

  2. Your retreat sounds so rejuvenating. The sound of surf and smell of salt air is always an uplifting experience and your friend's garden looks delightful.

  3. Thanks for the lovely pictures. All time by the water is time well spent. I've decided that hexies are the best take along project- nice work! Take care, Byrd.