Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Night Already?

Where does the time go?
What did I accomplish today?
Not as much as I had planned!

I did get my Modern Bee Blocks for Kim done.

I also got my block and fabric piles done for July's Modern Bee.
I am the Queen! Haha.
I'm not showing the block.  Don't want to give it away yet.
Man, it does take time to put together the packages
to send out for a bee.
BUT, It is so worth it when all those lovelies start flying home!

On another note . . . 
I performed a wedding last night in our town by the pond.
I haven't performed a wedding in a long time
and it was really wonderful to feel all that love.
It's hard to describe the feeling of helping two people unite their lives.  
There is such joy and humility.

I wish them all the happiness of this day for the rest of their lives.
What makes you happy?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Three Days at the Cape

My dear friend Anne invited me to the Cape for a few days.
To relax, rest and replenish.
I must say they were the best days I've had in a while.

We sat in her garden.

We walked on the beach every day.
Collecting treasures from the sea.

We walked in the evening . . .

This is the path from her house to the beach.

These seagulls were not happy we were walking by the
rather large fish they were eating.

Don't you just love this green?
It was soft and rubbery too.  Pretty cool.

 This photo is for my BIL Jamie.
He teases my sister and I about what we collect on the beach.
This is a very light load for me after four beautiful walks on the beach.
The shells with the purple are wampum.
Anne says they are very good luck.  The darker the purple the better.
So I have wampum, sea glass, some rocks,
shells and two tiny horseshoe crabs.

Here we are at Captain Kidd's in Woods Hole
having fish and chips.

There is always sewing wherever I go.
I brought my hexies to work on.
Sitting under an umbrella of course!

We has so much fun watching all the wild life in the backyard.
This bird bath was very active all day long.
We were visited by many bunnies and chipmunks too.
It was delightful to sit quietly and see how close they would
venture up to us.

My hexies needed a spin on the clothes line after the
water feature shot.  Haha.

Drying out on the wall further.
This is just a small piece.  I have to drag out the larger piece
and see how I will put them together.

Of course it wouldn't be a beach post 
without the sunset picture!

A wonderful few days to be sure!
What to you do to recharge your batteries?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I spent parts of the last couple of days organizing my fabric.
It looks so pretty I don't want to touch it!
Haha.  But I will.

Now here is my sewing table, this needs alot of work,
The messier the table the more creativity comes out I think!
I may just wade through it to sew today.
I am behind on my 15 mins play color challenge blocks.
Purple and Bubble Gum Pink up next,
but NOT together I think! 

I also sent off four blocks to Jan-Maree's

These were very fun and quick!
I can see another scrappy string quilt in my future.
Should I really start another quilt?
Hahaha!  What a question!
Sew on.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday on Monday

Busy, busy weekend!
(and week)
I haven't been very good about posting what I've been up to.
So here is a roundup!

I made a Bee Block for Earamichia and her Bible Quilt.

I made a challenge block for out Metro Modern June Quilt.

I showed a quilt at the Metro Mod Guild
that was gifted to me by my quilty friends.

 (Photo courtesy of Chris)

I have been working on my 15 mins play color challenge blocks.

I LOVE Wednesdays when the new color is revealed.

I finished my love quilt wall hanging . . . 

And gave it to the birthday girl!

I walked in the Cancer Walk.
And I didn't poop out!

Here is part of my team. 
The kid, and BF, me, Gidget and Barbarita.

It was a very fun, busy, happy week (and) end.
I hope you had the same!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Day in the City

Always a fun filled day, and especially today when the sun came out unexpected!

Here is our Cherrywoods Fabrics Challenge Quilt
It is gorgeous in person!
Victoria did an amazing job of quilting this beautiful quilt,
and I love that the corners are cut off.

My camera was left at home in my haste to make the train,
So here are a few of the pictures that came off my phone . . .

And these two beauties!
They never disappoint, all smiles and giggles,
and that goes for the mother too!

I won some thread . . .

And of course Bambi Shapiro and I went to our favorite
quilt shop for a bit of naughtiness.
Well, I was naughty, Bambi was restrained for once!  

A fabulous day had by all!
Sun, fun, laughter and fabric,
life doesn't get better than that!