Monday, March 28, 2011

50 and Fabulous!!!

Yup, today is my 50th birthday . . .

I spent this last weekend with tons of women I love.

We went into NYC on Saturday for a day of fun and frivolity . . . There were fabulous drinks . . .
Some naughtiness . . .
Much, much laughter . . .
And luckily my camera battery died here . . .

The rest will be legend, but I can tell you this,

on the train ride home the whole train full

of passengers sang me happy birthday!!

How fun is that?? Okay 50's bring it on!


  1. HAPPY FIFTY!!! You are entering a wonderful world of fun and freedom. Enjoy every sweet moment, my dear.

  2. Happy birthday, you're just a youngster at 50!

  3. Sounds like you had a ball, you spring chicken. Glad you got some of it documented.

  4. That sounds wonderful, what great friends you have. 50 is great but 60 tops it!

  5. What a great birthday celebration! Love all the smiles. Happy b-day!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like you had a grand time with friends!

  7. Happy Birthday Lisa! Looks like you had a blast with your gal pals - all the best to you!

  8. I am finally catching up on blogs today, otherwise I would have wished you a happy birthday when I saw you earlier today! So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!