Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucky Us!

Last night the kid and I took a later train home from NYC. . .

Imagine our surprise when we boarded one of the NEW Metro North trains!

They are sort of an urban legend in the commuter world,

every says they exist, but no one has ever seen one.

(hahaha. not really.)

They are bright and shiny and new!

The seats are comfy and clean.

Everyone getting on board had a grin from ear to ear,

like they just won the lottery!

There are plugs at every seat so you can hook up

your electronics or charge your phone.

There is a handy little screen that tells you what the next stop is,

and it beeps and announces where you are.

No more falling asleep and ending up four stops away.
(I only did that once.)

This guy set up his whole office!

He didn't even notice I took a picture of him.

The kid was dying that I was taking pictures,

such a tourist. She is a seasoned commuter,

I only do it occasionally.
Here she is pretending she doesn't know me.
Don't you love her bag? I digress.
So that was our little adventure, so easy to please right?


  1. Yes I love her bag! What a high tech train.

  2. Cool adventure and love the bag!

  3. WOW - makes me wanna take a ride! Love that bag too.

  4. Love the bag - and isn't it our job to embarress them or have I been doing it wrong all these years!

  5. I'm jealous! I took the train in - and out - a couple of times last week and not once did I get one of the nice new ones.