Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Pat's Day!!

Yes I'm Irish, no I don't drink green beer . . .

For St. Patrick's Day I thought I would show
my finished Aloha Quilt.
All batiks, it is a variation on the
log cabin design.
A view from my second floor deck.

I love this! Just wish the sun was shining.

I did a piano key border.

A closer view . . . .

The back. The kid is holding it up.

Look! Something taller than the kid!

This quilt is queen size and I must admit

that I slept with it on my bed last night before it goes to it's new home.

I read somewhere that you if you sleep under

a quilt before you give it,

it retains the love you feel for the person receving it.

Corny? Yeah probably, but throw me a bone here.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!!


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt and I don't think sleeping under it to augment the love it contains is corny! Lucky recipient, that is all I can say!

  2. I LOVE THAT GREEN!!!!! This quilt is so beautiful I hope you bring it for show and tell in April! it makes me wan tot get Working on my green African fabric quilt.... not today. gotta pack! See you soon,enjoy your day!

  3. It's so beautiful. I love the unique design you achieve with Log Cabin. I bet it is hard to part with.

  4. OH Lisa, it is absolutely gorgeous. I just love it. And I think that you should sleep under in for at least a week. That should really send lots more love, doncha think? Great terffic job.

  5. It's beautiful!!! I love green.

  6. Missed this yesterday on St. Patrick's day, but it's just as beautiful today. Was it a difficult pattern to sew?

  7. Lovely! Great colors and here is your the idea that sleeping under it keeps the love inside for the new owner.
    thanks for the scraps via Victoria........they are now in a top ready to be quilted.
    check my blog later today for a picture :0).

    Happy sewing