Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Projects #18

Look what I found in my garden!!!
Hyacinth pushing its way up.
There are daffodils and tuilps too
Even my lavendar is starting to pop up

I must warn you, there will probably be many
flowering, gardening, springing photos on this blog
in the months to come.
I won't be able to help myself!

There was some sewing and creating this weekend,
although nothing I can show you yet . . .
Not ready for their close-ups.

I have almost finished the quilting on the Leftovers quilt,
so I started thinking about the binding.
I have a bag full on binding scraps, and I think this will be perfect
for the Leftovers quilt. I am going to piece all these little ends
together for a nice scrappy look.
You probably won't even notice the binding,
that quilt is sooooooooo busy!!!

on another note . . . .
These two lovelies, Barbarita and Gidget,
along with the kid,
kidnapped me Saturday.
Dragged me right out of my sewing room in my sweats, with no make-up,
and took me on a joy ride.
(I love spring!)
They wouldn't tell me where we were going, and I can't tell you either,
but I can tell you it was an afternoon of total hiliarity
that ended with lunch at bar. hehehe

Sometimes you just need to giggle the day away
with the buddies you love.
Thanks girlies!
And what did you do on this almost spring day???


  1. Bring on the blooming garden photos. I miss digging in the dirt now that I'm in a condo. Scrappy binding sounds like the perfect way to go on the Leftovers quilt. Glad you had such a fun day Saturday--fun is so nourishing!

  2. Those are some pretty great friends to take you on such a fun adventure! Glad you had a good time. I LOVE scrappy binding - one of my favorites! I agree with Carol, bring on the gardening photos. We (in Chicago area) are behind you weather-wise, but I still had to go out and do a little raking yesterday. Have a good day!

  3. Your kidnapping adventure sounds great! Love the leftover binding for the leftover quilt idea!!!