Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Projects #17

Lots on the plate today!
It's a crumby, rainy, chilly day here, so it's nice to be tucked
away in the sewing room ignoring everything outside!
Not a great day for taking pictures, the light is very low . . .
I basted my Leftovers quilt. I used pins this time instead of the spray,
and I think I like this method better, especially since I am
stitching in the ditch, so there is lots of twisting and turning.

I have been randomly picking seams to quilt,
trying hard not to have to back track over seams.
It is like a puzzle or game to figure out a route that will cover as much
territory as possible, and not have to end the seam line too early.
I think I should have named this quilt the puzzler. Haha!

When my shoulders started to cramp up, I switched to another project.
I was given a lovely piece of suede a while ago and wasn't sure what I would do with it.
I bought some leather needles yesterday to see if my machine could really
sew the leather.

I made a little wallet, like the ones I made here.
It only has the one pocket,
I think I can only sew through two layers
of suede at a time.
This was very easy to make since it is really
just top stitching the two pieces together.
Maybe I'll see if I can figure out a staggering
method, so I can have two or three pockets.
It's very soft and fun.

I am also working on finishing my log cabin Aloha quilt!
I had dropped this quilt off a Roxanne's Quilter's Alley
a few weeks ago . . .
We picked out a leafy pattern that worked really well for this quilt.
Roxanne did a fabulous job on the quilting. Thanks Roxanne!

I love getting a quilt back from the long-armer!
Feels like instant gratification!
Just putting on the binding now.
So what are you working on today?

14 more days until spring!


  1. Sounds like your hand is much better--you are getting a lot done today. I know you are excited to get the puzzler completed. What a yummy little wallet! And you're right. The quilting in the log cabin is really nice.

  2. Pretty pretties. You are a workin' wonder! I am amazed at all you have done this weekend. Cold weather ain't so bad after all, if you got this much accomplished indoors.

  3. Great things going on at your house. Love the leftovers quilt!!!!!